Instructor Rate:
50 Minutes - £25
75 Minutes - £37.50p
100 Minutes - £50

Block Bookings:
10 Lessons - £240
20 Lessons - £460
30 Lessons - £660

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Book Lessons Today:
# 07581 711120

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Level Road Driver Training provides driving lessons in Stafford and the surrounding areas including Cannock and Stone

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), the average number of training hours required to pass is around 47 hours. This may sound like a lot, but remember you are acquiring a life skill and in order to pass you will need to prove to the examiner that you are competent on today's roads with an understanding of the DSA syllabus.

     Our syllabus is as follows:
    1. Explanation of car controls & cockpit.
     2. Moving off and stopping.
     3. Use of gears; mirrors; clutch control; traffic calming.
     4. Junctions/emerging and approaching crossroads; one way; stop.
     5. Meeting traffic; crossing; overtaking.
     6. Pedestrian crossings.
     7. Roundabouts.
     8. Country roads.
     9. Dual-carriageways.
     10. Turn in the road; reverse around corner; bay park; parallel park; emergency stop.
     11. Vehicle safety checks.
     12. Following the road ahead.

The practical test can be booked when your instructor agrees that your level of competence has reached the required standard. This can be booked online at or by phoning 0300 200 1122 (or 0300 200 1133  for Welsh language). The current fee is £62.00, plus the cost of your instructor's vehicle for the practical test (weekend fees are currently £75.00).

The practical test will last approximately 40 minutes, during which you will need to show the examiner that you are a competent and safe driver. You will be required to carry out one manoeuvre and perform 10 minutes of independent driving (This is where you will have to follow road signs to a destination or a diagram of the road ahead).

You will be allowed up to 15 minor driving faults. A serious or dangerous fault will result in immediate failure.

If you don't pass your theory or practical test, and want to take another test, you'll have to pay again. You have to pay the full amount for any retests that you take. DSA does not give discounts for retests.

For driving beginners, we have an introductory offer of £80 for your first five Lessons
(Manual transmission only) - a £45 savings! *This only applies to persons that have not driven before.

50 Minutes - £25
75 Minutes - £37.50p
100 Minutes - £50
Driving Test -£45.00  (This is in addition of the fee charged by the DVSA)

50 Minutes - £30
75 Minutes - £45
100 Minutes - £60

Block Bookings:
(Only applicable if paid in advance.)

10 Lessons - £240
20 Lessons - £460
30 Lessons - £660

10 Lessons - £290
20 Lessons - £560
30 Lessons - £810

£180.00 (registered with Stafford Borough Council ). PASS PLUS is a 6-hour course to develop your driving skills, comprising of...

• Town driving
• Out of town
• All weather
• Night driving
• Dual carriageways
• Motorways

PASS PLUS is recognized by Various insurance companies, so you will qualify for discounts from them.

Theory Test/Hazard Perception:
Online tuition is available to all customers as part of there driving course.

Gift Vouchers:
Vouchers are available for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or any occasion. Please contact us for details.

Level Road Driver Training accept payment by cash, credit or debit card.

We are unable to accept payment by cheque.

 The Practical Test

A step-by-step breakdown of the training course.

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