Instructor Rate:
50 Minutes - £25
75 Minutes - £37.50p
100 Minutes - £50

Block Bookings:
10 Lessons - £240
20 Lessons - £460
30 Lessons - £660

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Will Davies says:
“Thanks for all the help Paul! Been pleasure, I'll be in touch about the pass plus “

Sarah Grant says:
“Thank you so much for getting me through! Your brilliant at your job and I will keep in touch! X”

Graham Bourner says:
“Just like to say thank you again for all your help.”

Amber Norbury says:
“Thanks for teaching me and everything Paul, very grateful!”

Kirsty Ball says:
“Paul was really nice and explained everything clearly. Thanks for everything!”

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Level Road Driver Training provides driving lessons in Stafford and the surrounding areas including Cannock and Stone

Before driving on a public highway, you will need to be in possession of a signed and valid Provisional License. You can apply for this up to 3-months before your 17th birthday by filling in form D1 (available from your post office) or by applying online to the DVLA.

While you are learning to drive you will keep a Driver’s Record. This is evidence of your progress throughout the DSA syllabus of learning to drive. Once proficient, you can apply to take the driving theory test. The current fee for this is £25.00. This must be passed before the exam of practical ability, and is comprised of two parts:

     Part One:
50 multiple-choice questions. To pass, you must answer 43 correctly.

     Part Two:
    14 video clips with 15 developing hazards. You must answer 44 out of 75 correctly.

Both parts of the exam must be passed in order to qualify for the practical test. If you fail either part, then you must retake both parts over again.

Level Road Driver Training offers free theory tuition as part of your driving course via
Theory Test Pro.

 Preparing Yourself and Getting Started.

Find out what to expect from the tests you’ll face.

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