Instructor Rate:
50 Minutes - £25
75 Minutes - £37.50p
100 Minutes - £50

Block Bookings:
10 Lessons - £240
20 Lessons - £460
30 Lessons - £660

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Will Davies says:
“Thanks for all the help Paul! Been pleasure, I'll be in touch about the pass plus “

Sarah Grant says:
“Thank you so much for getting me through! Your brilliant at your job and I will keep in touch! X”

Graham Bourner says:
“Just like to say thank you again for all your help.”

Amber Norbury says:
“Thanks for teaching me and everything Paul, very grateful!”

Kirsty Ball says:
“Paul was really nice and explained everything clearly. Thanks for everything!”

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Level Road Driver Training provides driving lessons in Stafford and the surrounding areas including Cannock and Stone

Benefits of Fleet Driver Training.

     For the company:
     • Reduce fuel costs (realistic reduction of 15% during training,10% overall).
     • Insurance premiums.
     • Less wear and tear (brakes, tyres, clutches, gearbox, etc.)
     • Less collision (cost of repair, downtime, insurance excess, customer relations, etc.)
     • Better residual values of vehicles.
     • Lower admin costs.
     • Better absenteeism rates.
     • Image.
     • Health and safety.
     • Corporate Manslaughter.

     For the drivers:
     • Less driving-related stress.
     • Less chance of personal injury.
     • Improved efficiency.
     • Feeling of worth.

    • Training pays for itself through cost savings.
     • More economical drivers are automatically safer drivers.
     • Added benefits of H&S compliance.
     • Corporate social responsibility.
     • Better image as a local employer.

Training packages are available on request. Please use the contact form on our Contact Us page further information and booking your sessions.

Health and Safety Work Act 1974:
It is the duty of the employer to ensure, as far as reasonably practical, the health and safety of all their employees. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places a duty on employers to assess and manage risk to their employees and others arising from work activities. Employers must also make arrangements to ensure health and safety of the workplace including making arrangements for emergencies, as well as adequate information and training for employees.

Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007:
This act sets out new offences for convicting an organization when gross failure in the way activities were managed or organized results in a person's accidental death.

In any given year, excessive and inappropriate speed kills around 1,200 people and injures 100,000 more. This being the largest contributor to causalities, most crashes are caused by thoughtless behaviour. Fleet trainers identify the individual needs of those driving for a living or those who drive as part of their daily routine. Additionally, fleet managers have a duty of care towards their staff to ensure they receive training in company vehicles. Companies of all sizes are looking at ways to reduce the fuel bills and overall running costs, therefore increasingly becoming interested in eco-safe driving methods. Developing correct attitudes not only saves lives, but can reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%, making a cost-effective option in the long-run.

     What is Involved:
     • Pre-driver checks.
     • Pre-vehicle checks.
     • Aims of the assessment.
     • Presentation on occupational road risk.
     • Assessment on client.
     • Feedback on assessment.
     • Summary.
     • Report.

 Fleet Driver Training

Become even more of a value to your company.

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